Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The streets sound like memories.

It's hard to describe what walking down the streets in Boston are like for me. When I had the choice between walking and taking the T, I thought about the lazy route for just a moment. Then spun to the right and started walking. Minimum 30 minutes to my destination.

As I continued down Commonwealth Ave. headed towards downtown, you walk right through BU campus. I never noticed how beautiful it really was before today. It may be because every other time I walked through it was dark, I was drunk or I had other things on my mind. But today, for some reason, I noticed.

I have always watched people while they walk and try t guess what they're thinking about by reading their body language. I'm not sure how on target I am with my analysis, but I think I may be getting better at it.

I got stopped by some kid over in Kenmore Square who was (I hope) working for save the children. He gave me a good speech about what they were doing, seemed genuine and he reminded me of my friend Anthony so I donated 20 bucks. Just hope it goes to buy medicine for kids in Africa and not beer for him and his dorm mates. But either way I guess I'm helping out the needy.

I stopped in front of my old apartment at 475 Comm Ave. Apartment 502, specifically. Haven't lived there in close to 10 years and my name isn't on the buzzer board anymore. Kinda made me a little sad and wished I kept my front door key.

Finally made it to the corner of Newbury St. And Mass Ave. The corner I stood on so often. I looked at my watch. 3:56 pm. 4 minutes until the start of the "often taken" but "rarely attended by yours truly" 4 - 6pm classes at Berklee College of Music, my alma matter. I was gonna walk over and look at the campus, but instead I chose to do what I used to do when in school - head down Newbury St. instead to Trident Cafe for a late lunch/early dinner.

MUCH better choice, as always. It is the first place I ever ate as a student-to-be in Boston and it's still here and, though a little pricey, still incredible quality. Andoulie and sweet potato chowder was insane.

I'm probably the only guy in a Yankees hat that loves this city so much. A piece of me is still here, though it's diminishing more and more as the city scape changes and the years pass. The conversations by the girls at the bar here at Trident 10 years ago used to be about the Everclear concert or their going to the anti war rally. Now they've changed to tales spun of facebook posting blunders and how Sarah Palin is ruining the womens right movement.

God, I still love this town.

Paradise Rock tonight.

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  1. Trident is awesome, and they make a fine glass of iced tea. So glad to know that you're still enjoying this fair city! Looking forward to tonight!