Thursday, November 26, 2009

48 Random Questions

A friend of mine asked me to do this. I answered pretty quickly to all so it took about 10 minutes. thoughts?

1) Who is your favorite television celebrity from the days of Black and White?
Jackie Gleason

2) What is your favorite volume of the Encyclopedia Brittanica?

3) If your life was a reality show, what would it be titled?
My Suburban Nightmare.

4) What Biblical character would you be?
Peter. duh.

5) What is your favorite minority holiday?
that's sort of a racist question, but it would be cinco de mustache.

6) If you were a totem pole what animal would you be and where would you be positioned?
an eagle and on the top.

7) Curtains or blinds?

8) What comes to mind when you smell dirty socks?

9) If you could choose any celebrity to be your roommate who would you choose?
any openly gay celeb. gay guys are clean and won't try to steal your chicks.

10) You invent a smoothie. What is in it?

11) If you were part of a balcony would you be the railing or the lounge chair?
i would be the carpet.

12) If you could only use one cooking utensil for the rest of your life which utensil would it be?
a spatula.

13) What is the most ridiculous dance craze you've ever been a part of?
the macarana

14) If you could name a hockey team what would you name it?
The Mother Puckers.

15) What's one invention you can't believe we didn't have until after landing a man on the moon?
we never landed on the moon so that's a trick question.

16) What is the funniest pattern for a button up tourist shirt?

17) If the world were backwards and animals owned humans, what kind of animal would you want to be your master?
probably a turkey.

18) If teleportation was possible to where would you most often teleport?

19) What five items are a necessity in your hurricane survival kit?
a lighter, a bong, some marijuana seeds, some wheat seeds and super glue.

20) If your finger could dispense one condiment what condiment would you dispense?
blue cheese!

21) What is your ideal cracker flavor?
who you callin a cracker, honkey?

22) If you suddenly had wheels for feet what is the first thing you would do?
go through taco bell drive thru.

23) One celebrity who is famous for a reason I still haven't discovered is perez hilton.

24) What is your favorite 1980's cartoon?
inch high private eye

25) What was your favorite after school show?
seasame street, but when i was a kid. pre elmo.

26) What do you believe a training bra is training for?

27) If you could put a zipper on any article of clothing what article would you choose?
training bras.

28) If you could scream anything at a bad driver what would it be?
we have to reword this question to "so you have screamed every combination of bad words possible at bad drivers. would you do it again?" the answer would be abso-fucking-lutely.

29) What's your favorite animal that often appears in Native American folklore?
the indians.

30) If you could only use floor lamps for lighting your home for the rest of your life, how tall would you like the lamp to be?
6 foot 5 inches.

31) If you owned a cereal company what current cereal would you purchase to sell as your own?
lucky charms.

32) Money is no longer an object for you. What country do you buy?
cuba. the cigars are too good.

33) If you could shrink any person and carry them in your pocket who would you shrink?
gary coleman. it'll take less time. i'm in a rush.

34) If people's knees bent the other direction what design would you give to chairs?
nothing. people sit in chairs reversed all the time.

35) You've been assigned to clean up an abandoned landfill. What's the first thing you do?
take a coffee break. hey! union rules...

36) If you could make a pillow out of any material what would you choose?
marijuana, but i'd probably smoke it.

37) If you started your own airline what would you name it?
Better Than Everyone Else Airways.

38) To what one city would your airline refuse to fly?
Albuquerque, New Mexico

39) If flowers weren't the norm for romanticism what item would you choose to symbolize love?

40) How much midriff is too much?
it depends on the midriff.

41) If money didn't exist what would you use for currency?
sex. i'd be broke.

42) If you were stuck on a bus with the Brady Bunch and they insisted on singing and taking requests what song would you request in hopes that it would be so good they couldn't follow their own act and would stop singing.
their song "When It's Time To Change". Man. Peter KILLS!

43) If male and female weren't the only two sexes what would you call the third and what would make them different?
the third would be exactly like like a woman, except have a third boob.

44) You invent a new shape. What do you call it?

45) If your life mirrored that of "Friends" which recurring character would you want to show up for sweeps week?
is ross a character? ross. i guess.

46) If you could eat at any television eatery which one would it be?
mel's diner from "Alice". Kiss My Grits.

47) If you could change your name to anything, to what would you change it?

48) If you could change any past decision in your life would you?
yes. my answer to the last question. i'd change my name to Spencer.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If you're sitting in the parking lot of a WalMart today like I am right now, it would seem no different than any other day. Sure, there are more cars driving in and out at 9am than normal for a Wednesday. But as I said, from my vantage point, there is no difference between this and any other Wednesday.

When reality kicks back in and I see the people leaving the WalMart with a cart full of holiday food, it reminds me that it's that time of year again. THE HOLIDAZE. Honestly, I can't believe it got here so fast. I feel old if I say things like "where does the time go!" or "it seems like it was just summer!" Yeah, sort of, but summer wasn't this chilly. Yeah, sitting here in the back lounge of our tour bus not only reminds me that I am missing out on my personal favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, but it also reminds me that I have to start doing my most dreaded of yearly tasks - christmas shopping.

Now I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who love the hustle and bustle of the holidays and actually take the lyrics of "Silver Bells" to know...."city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. In the air there's a feeling of Christmas..." It continues on.

The only thing in the air this holiday season is H1N1.

I don't want to be a Scrooge, but I find nothing "Christmasy" about packing into a mall of irate bargain hunters to buy people that I may not even like some material item that they may never use. I am a fan of the "gift card" for the options it presents to the receiver, but if you're gonna go give a store money in exchange for a card that is worth money in that store alone, then why not just give money? If everyone just gave you an envelope with cash in it, I bet you wouldn't be that bummed. My favorite is when people get mad a the sales clerks when their 20% off coupons that expired the previous week don't work. Oh! To top it off you can't say "Merry Christmas" to anyone anymore without getting a speech on how you aren't being "sensitive" to other faiths. Also, I have seen people get into physical altercations over a parking spot. Wait! Read that again...A PARKING SPOT!! Tis the season, huh?

It's sad to say the magic is gone from the holiday season for me. The magic is now there for about an hour when I get to see the looks on the faces of my niece and nephew when they open the stack of stuff we get for them. The holiday season is really for the kids and for the "kids at heart". Don't get me wrong. I enjoy spending time with my family and seeing friends that I really only get to see once a year and the dear Lord, the food. Let's put it this way don't get a gut like mine eating bad food!

Besides the food, probably the most important thing about the Holidaze is the time I get to spend with my family and friends. I take time to spend it with those I love. I call and text everyone I can think of because I'm just not sure who will be around next Christmas. It's a little morbid of a thought for such a joyous time of the year, but as I've gotten older, more and more of the people who made this time of year so special to me aren't here anymore. I am getting older. So are the people I love. It gets me choked up just thinking about it, but then I remind myself to be thankful for the people who are still here.

So to anyone who reads this...if anyone reads this...I have a gift request for Christmas...or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Ramadan or Festivus or whatever holiday you choose to support. My request is simple and will cost you nothing except a little time. Ready?

Go tell the people that you love...the ones who love you unconditionally; the ones that have always been there for you; the people who love you no matter what you do or who you are or who you may become....go tell those people to their face that you love them. Give them a hug. Perhaps a kiss (EDITOR'S NOTE: PLEASE be careful with all this H1N1 and R2D2 going around we suggest you gargle with hand sanitizer after any physical contact). Whatever it is you do to show affection and appreciation to those who love you that, my friends, is the best gift of all.

I wish you all a fantastic Turkey Day and patience if you decide to go shopping Friday.

One Love.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The streets sound like memories.

It's hard to describe what walking down the streets in Boston are like for me. When I had the choice between walking and taking the T, I thought about the lazy route for just a moment. Then spun to the right and started walking. Minimum 30 minutes to my destination.

As I continued down Commonwealth Ave. headed towards downtown, you walk right through BU campus. I never noticed how beautiful it really was before today. It may be because every other time I walked through it was dark, I was drunk or I had other things on my mind. But today, for some reason, I noticed.

I have always watched people while they walk and try t guess what they're thinking about by reading their body language. I'm not sure how on target I am with my analysis, but I think I may be getting better at it.

I got stopped by some kid over in Kenmore Square who was (I hope) working for save the children. He gave me a good speech about what they were doing, seemed genuine and he reminded me of my friend Anthony so I donated 20 bucks. Just hope it goes to buy medicine for kids in Africa and not beer for him and his dorm mates. But either way I guess I'm helping out the needy.

I stopped in front of my old apartment at 475 Comm Ave. Apartment 502, specifically. Haven't lived there in close to 10 years and my name isn't on the buzzer board anymore. Kinda made me a little sad and wished I kept my front door key.

Finally made it to the corner of Newbury St. And Mass Ave. The corner I stood on so often. I looked at my watch. 3:56 pm. 4 minutes until the start of the "often taken" but "rarely attended by yours truly" 4 - 6pm classes at Berklee College of Music, my alma matter. I was gonna walk over and look at the campus, but instead I chose to do what I used to do when in school - head down Newbury St. instead to Trident Cafe for a late lunch/early dinner.

MUCH better choice, as always. It is the first place I ever ate as a student-to-be in Boston and it's still here and, though a little pricey, still incredible quality. Andoulie and sweet potato chowder was insane.

I'm probably the only guy in a Yankees hat that loves this city so much. A piece of me is still here, though it's diminishing more and more as the city scape changes and the years pass. The conversations by the girls at the bar here at Trident 10 years ago used to be about the Everclear concert or their going to the anti war rally. Now they've changed to tales spun of facebook posting blunders and how Sarah Palin is ruining the womens right movement.

God, I still love this town.

Paradise Rock tonight.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thoughts for the day.

how come they call Philly the city of brotherly love when everyone here is always so mad? maybe not always mad, but i just saw two guys yelling at each other in the street over literally nothing. The one guy started the fight after he accidentally bumped into the other. "HEY! I'M WALKING HERE!" I'm sure you can see where this went.

Last night in Baltimore was a good time, at least from what i can remember. I may or may not have had one or more adult beverages that i may or may not have paid for. It wasn't a blackout by any means, but it also wasn't a milk and cookie party, if you catch my drift. The problem is for me is that everyone else but me gets massive hangovers and whines about it. I either feel fine or have a beer when I wake up just to even me out. Now i know if you're underage this isn't good to read, but look...if you do ever get hungover, it works. trust me.

So i woke up kinda early< watched some football, found a bar right by our bus that has .49 cent PBR's and football and a cute bartender so I may go hang there for a bit. Too early to tell. I am looking forward to playing tonight. Philly is always a great stop on tour.

Listened to some new songs from the band Artist Vs.Poet, a great band on Fearless Records. I liked what I heard so far and I think when some of you guys hear it, you will really like it too. It's a good blend of dance, pop and a dash or rock.

One of my favorite bands in the last 5 years or so is The Academy Is... It's no secret, really. I'm pretty vocal about it. I've known William, Adam and Carden since they were teenagers and have been able to watch them grow into one of the best rock bands of their generation. I have been listening to the "Barrington High" record more lately and have to say for the record "His Girl Friday" is the best song on that record. They also just put out an EP you should check out. And they aren't breaking up. so hush with that.

i just came back from the bar. had 6 beers. it cost me 3 bucks. on that note, time to go play the show. holler.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My pre-show warm up routine.

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Time to make the donuts....

Pete "JR" Wasilewski

The First day is ALWAYS the Worst day

waking up after noon is something i haven't done in next to near forever, but something i seem to have no trouble doing while on tour. when you get used to sleeping in the bunks, they are beautiful little cold, dark chambers of slumber. it makes it difficult to drag your ass up to get the day going, but today was the first day so i figured i should carpe diem. i seized it by checking my tweets in my bunk that i had missed while asleep. i know this is dork central, but i used to smoke a cigarette first thing in the morning, so tweeting seems a healthier alternative.

definitely forgot to talk to my parents, but i'll ring them tomorrow (how international of me to say 'ring' them, huh? i miss the uk). someone also forgot to tell it was Friday the 13. my FT13 was filled with losses, including loosing my toiletry bag. this wouldn't be so bad if i didn't also just put this brand new wireless clipper set in the bag. it burns just thinking about it and i was the moron who left it so i can't be mad at anyone but myself. i've come to realize that it is hardest for me to forgive myself. probably due to the fact that in my mind i'm the only one who won't let myself down. it just sucks when i realize i'm human.

talked to my brother today and we discussed curtis granderson and why he shouldn't be traded to the least not how my brother posed the offer. talked to my friend "S" this morning and we discussed computers, amongst other things. he called me a moron for not buying a mac. i called him a label hungry corporate whore. we laughed about it and moved on. you'll hear more about both my brother and "S" in the future.

Soundcheck flew by. we were lucky enough to have Vortex Burgers delivered to us. Now, if you don't know what The Vortex is, google it or if you're ever in Atlanta, go to it. It has the best burgers in ATL and for you veggie's they also make a mean black bean burger! so i ate the hell out of my blue cheese bacon and mushroom burger (deeeelicious!) and got ready to play the show. The show was awesome. Kids stage diving, singing along to every word. I honestly had more fun today than i have had at a 'first show of tour' show in a long time. The best part about this tour is we are changing songs every night so it's going to be new songs nightly. That always helps keep it interesting. Thanks to everyone who said hi or said they had fun. I had just as much fun. True Story.

I listened to ALOT of music today. A few notes for you: the new john mayer record has such potential to be one of my faves for this last few months of 2009. so far so good. "heartbreak warfare" is just about the best song he's written to date, in my humble opinion.

listened to some new Sing It Loud songs. LOVE that band. They, to me , are doing it for the right reasons. Seems a lot of kids are starting bands to make money or be famous. these, to me, are NOT the right reasons. If you want to make money go to school, get a degree and get a good job. if you want to have fun and see the country (maybe the world) and play some songs with your friends, then be a band. pretty simple, i think. i'm not saying don't have aspirations to make money, but if you don't make money off the bat, don't get discouraged. It takes time.

Also have been listening to the Avenue Q soundtrack alot. just cause it makes me laugh and the songs are really good. Bad Relgion's song "Kyoto Now" is such a great song I wish i had been listening to it more before last week.

i met some girl tonight who told me she was put here on this planet to be famous. i told her "well, you figured out half of "what do i do with my life" problem, now just gotta figure out how you get there." She was very sweet and cute and i hope she does well.

A couple hates for you: the chicago bears are almost as bad as the new york giants in football. it's disheartening for both teams and I do route for both. Maybe they can combine into a supergroup like audioslave or chickenfoot...wait...guess they sucked too, huh? oh well. go saints. was brand new or the get up kids good? i mean seriously. there was a lot of hype on both. i was never really into either band but not sure if that was cause i didn't care or if it just wasn't good. note to anyone who wants to influence my decision bring me a flash drive or other device with their best songs on it and i'll give an honest listen. you can leave it with our merch guy if you bring it to a show.

Looking forward to Baltimore tomorrow. Wish some of my friends who are on tour were there, but it's all good. just gotta find some good crab cakes or at least a few spots john waters shot some scenes. suggestions are always welcome. thanks for reading the ramblings.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to jam too much stuff into your suitcase 201

2 little soldiers ready to go off to the battle. Let's do this!
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How to jam too much stuff into a suitcase 101.

Here's the before...
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I don’t even know why I’m doing this. I think it’s narcissistic in nature to believe that anything I write would have any impact on anyone whatsoever. For people who know me well, it’s no secret that my ego and my insecurities have been waging war with each other for years. It’s a never ending battle, but one that can be both frustrating and comical to observe (or so I’ve been told).

Honestly though. Why am I starting a blog?

I keep asking myself this question on my flight from Connecticut to Florida. This flight will be just the first leg of yet another journey across the United States. I haven’t kept a written record of tour, or ANY part of my life, since my first tour over 17 years ago.

17 YEARS AGO!!??

Yes. 17 years ago. Going on 18, thank you very much.

But back to the question: WHY? There are a lot of reasons I could point at - Boredom? Possibly. My increasing sentiment towards nostalgia? Nah…not really. Reading other people’s blogs and saying “man…I could do that SO much better!” Maybe. Two hours into this flight and I think I’ve narrowed it down to three main reasons:

1. 1. I have realized how truly blessed I am to be able to “live my dream” for as long as I have been able to. Maybe it’s time I start sharing these amazing experiences with someone besides my closest family and friends. Maybe I can inspire someone to do better in their life. Maybe I can make someone laugh and forget their trouble for a few minutes with one of my stupid stories. ALL of the above are what I consider to be reason enough.

2. 2. My father recently was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I found out pretty soon after I got home from Warped Tour ’09 and to say I was caught off guard would be the understatement of my life. My father, who is also named Peter, is the TRUE definition of our shared name – “a rock”. He has been that rock to everyone whose lives he has touched: Always there for them, always volunteering his time, always doing for others. Both of my parents (my mom’s name is Karen and you will hear about them from time to time) always taught me to go above and beyond in all you do and treat everyone equally. I have always tried my best to do just that. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when complete strangers to me were brought to tears when told about my father’s diagnosis. It effected everyone he knew and I was unknowingly, yet expectedly, thrust into my father’s shoes – getting the bad news first, telling everyone the bad news, consoling everyone, keeping everyone updated, keeping everyone’s spirits up, not letting everyone know how bad it was when I knew it wasn't good…this list of responsibilities goes on and on. I know I’m not the only person in this world who’s had someone they love stricken by a horrible disease but I figured that I could be one of the people to talk about it as openly as possible. Maybe it would be good for them….and I know for certain that it will be good for me.

3. 3. Why not?

I think the third reason was the clincher.

Now a few quick facts before you read on or bookmark this page or whatever. I am a New York Yankees fan so I will, from time to time, talk about them. If you are a “Yankee Hater”, please skip over those parts. I also love food and love to cook. Maybe I’ll share a recipe or two. I also love music. It is my one true passion that became my profession. I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. I’m not telling you this to brag. I'm telling you this because I am VERY opinionated on music. I will tell you what I love, what I hate and the facts to back up what I feel this way . You may not agree and I encourage you to call me out if this is the case, but be warned – I will respond and if you are uninformed or a jerk in your correspondence, then expect me to spank you like your dad did.

OH! Here’s the most important disclaimer. This is MY blog and has NOTHING to do with the band I perform in, other than from time to time I will talk about my experiences while on tour. So please, don’t ask me to forward an email to Roger or ask if I’ll send your band’s myspace link to Vinnie. I won’t. Also I have some friends some people may consider to be ‘famous’ (or infamous in a few cases). I will never use their real names unless they tell me it's ok and you will never get them out of me because above all I am loyal to my friends.

You should be too.

As Van Morrison is singing through my headphones, I’m reminded how excited I am to be going back on tour. This particular record of his, called ‘Moondance’, has been with me on every tour that I have ever been on. The last song on the record is called “Glad Tidings” is one of my favorites. The last verse goes:

”They’ll talk to you while you’re in transit and you’ll visualize not taking any chances, but meet them halfway with love, peace and persuasion and except them to rise for the occasion. And it gratifies when the scene materialized right in front of your eyes by surprise. “

That pretty much sums up what I have been doing the last 17 years of my life – meeting people of all kinds and having experiences with them, even though I may be a little nervous of the results of said encounters. But this is how stories are created – by talking to strangers. The one thing my mom told me not to do when I was little. I could never help myself though. Here I go again. 30 years or so of not heeding my mother’s warnings have yielded some crazy stuff, as you soon will read.

And for the first time in a long time I am really looking forward it.