Saturday, November 14, 2009

The First day is ALWAYS the Worst day

waking up after noon is something i haven't done in next to near forever, but something i seem to have no trouble doing while on tour. when you get used to sleeping in the bunks, they are beautiful little cold, dark chambers of slumber. it makes it difficult to drag your ass up to get the day going, but today was the first day so i figured i should carpe diem. i seized it by checking my tweets in my bunk that i had missed while asleep. i know this is dork central, but i used to smoke a cigarette first thing in the morning, so tweeting seems a healthier alternative.

definitely forgot to talk to my parents, but i'll ring them tomorrow (how international of me to say 'ring' them, huh? i miss the uk). someone also forgot to tell it was Friday the 13. my FT13 was filled with losses, including loosing my toiletry bag. this wouldn't be so bad if i didn't also just put this brand new wireless clipper set in the bag. it burns just thinking about it and i was the moron who left it so i can't be mad at anyone but myself. i've come to realize that it is hardest for me to forgive myself. probably due to the fact that in my mind i'm the only one who won't let myself down. it just sucks when i realize i'm human.

talked to my brother today and we discussed curtis granderson and why he shouldn't be traded to the least not how my brother posed the offer. talked to my friend "S" this morning and we discussed computers, amongst other things. he called me a moron for not buying a mac. i called him a label hungry corporate whore. we laughed about it and moved on. you'll hear more about both my brother and "S" in the future.

Soundcheck flew by. we were lucky enough to have Vortex Burgers delivered to us. Now, if you don't know what The Vortex is, google it or if you're ever in Atlanta, go to it. It has the best burgers in ATL and for you veggie's they also make a mean black bean burger! so i ate the hell out of my blue cheese bacon and mushroom burger (deeeelicious!) and got ready to play the show. The show was awesome. Kids stage diving, singing along to every word. I honestly had more fun today than i have had at a 'first show of tour' show in a long time. The best part about this tour is we are changing songs every night so it's going to be new songs nightly. That always helps keep it interesting. Thanks to everyone who said hi or said they had fun. I had just as much fun. True Story.

I listened to ALOT of music today. A few notes for you: the new john mayer record has such potential to be one of my faves for this last few months of 2009. so far so good. "heartbreak warfare" is just about the best song he's written to date, in my humble opinion.

listened to some new Sing It Loud songs. LOVE that band. They, to me , are doing it for the right reasons. Seems a lot of kids are starting bands to make money or be famous. these, to me, are NOT the right reasons. If you want to make money go to school, get a degree and get a good job. if you want to have fun and see the country (maybe the world) and play some songs with your friends, then be a band. pretty simple, i think. i'm not saying don't have aspirations to make money, but if you don't make money off the bat, don't get discouraged. It takes time.

Also have been listening to the Avenue Q soundtrack alot. just cause it makes me laugh and the songs are really good. Bad Relgion's song "Kyoto Now" is such a great song I wish i had been listening to it more before last week.

i met some girl tonight who told me she was put here on this planet to be famous. i told her "well, you figured out half of "what do i do with my life" problem, now just gotta figure out how you get there." She was very sweet and cute and i hope she does well.

A couple hates for you: the chicago bears are almost as bad as the new york giants in football. it's disheartening for both teams and I do route for both. Maybe they can combine into a supergroup like audioslave or chickenfoot...wait...guess they sucked too, huh? oh well. go saints. was brand new or the get up kids good? i mean seriously. there was a lot of hype on both. i was never really into either band but not sure if that was cause i didn't care or if it just wasn't good. note to anyone who wants to influence my decision bring me a flash drive or other device with their best songs on it and i'll give an honest listen. you can leave it with our merch guy if you bring it to a show.

Looking forward to Baltimore tomorrow. Wish some of my friends who are on tour were there, but it's all good. just gotta find some good crab cakes or at least a few spots john waters shot some scenes. suggestions are always welcome. thanks for reading the ramblings.


  1. really enjoyed reading this JR, look forward to more from you.

    totally agree about checking twitter first thing.. its bizzare that we do it but you really do feel like you're missing out on something if you don't.

    good plan on changing up the songs, throw Robots One, Humans Zero into the mix tomorrow, some LTJ fan somewhere deserves to hear it live.

  2. My sage advice? Listen to your friend "S" and buy a Mac. ;D

    @Liam: I also agree about Twitter..I have to check it as soon as I wake, or I feel as though I'm not "caught up". To what, exactly, I don't know. Weird.

  3. For fucking awesome crab cakes go to Obrycki's or the Rusty Scupper. See you at the show tonight.

  4. Always enjoying reading your ramblings. They're down to earth and amusing. =)
    Have a good show.
    Sweden misses you as well!

  5. I'd have to agree with Liam, I won't be complete unless I hear Robots-1, Humans-0 needs to happen at the Tempe/Phoenix show!

    enjoyed reading this, thank you :)