Monday, July 19, 2010

I Have Had It.

That's it. I've had enough. I am sick of these so-called "voices of our generation" writing their shitty blogs for shittier magazines or their web based counter parts.

Normally, what they write about is irrelevant to me.

What gets me pissed are those who think in their twisted, egotistical and narcissistic view of themselves, that because some music critic validated their "art" and deemed it "acceptable", have the audacity to think they have the right to judge others art and can tell people how they should think and feel. They actually think it will "change the world".


You're not from MY generation and you sure as hell aren't MY voice. There is a pretty good chance I was on tour, sleeping on dog-shit covered floors while your mom was still packing your Power Rangers lunch box with an apple and a note telling you how proud she is of you.

So back up and hear me out, tough guy.

Times change. So does music. And so have means in which it is presented. When The Beatles came out I will bet that there were just as many haters of them as there are of Justin Beiber. Trend setters are a very, very rare breed. Everyone else is a follower. I am a follower. I admit it. Following a trend isn't new. It's as old as time itself. And if you really and truly think you created a new music form or are saying something new, you're not. Cut the shit and please, get over yourself.

Usually the guy who yells the loudest about things that are fucked has the hardest time taking criticism about themselves. I stopped giving a fuck YEARS ago about what people think of me. I'd rather people totally hate me than think, "Yeah, he's o.k. I guess." If someone wants to verbally spar, I am always down as long as I have knowledge on the subject at hand. If I lose, so be it and from my loss, I learn. The problem is with these so-called "know it alls" is they can't be told they are wrong. EVER. Therefor, they never think they lose. The saddest fact is most of the people that should be reading this won't and that's o.k. with me. They are too far gone anyways.

But if you are that loud guy and you are offended at what I just wrote and you are reading this, then I am talking directly to YOU right now. Now that I have your attention, read this next line a few times:

Change your outlook, you close minded asshole.

You are only hurting yourself. No one REALLY cares what you like or dislike, except you. I could honestly give a crap who my favorite bands listen too. I prefer to ask my friends what they listen to. At least I know they are honest about liking it and don't have a financial stake involved (well, usually.)

If you are constantly looking down on everything that you don't understand and telling others that it's shit in interviews, blogs, etc. just because you don't like it, my questions to you are as follows:

1. Do you want to make out with the singer? Sounds like you may have an obsessive crush...

2. Why would you waste your fans time telling them about anything other than YOUR band?

3. Why would you give bands that you DON'T LIKE the LOVE of MENTIONING THEM IN PRESS OR ONSTAGE??????

To me, you are TOTALLY missing the point. The most important band on any tour that I go on is MY BAND. I know that sounds totally crappy, but I have always felt this way. I don't waste my time talking about anything that isn't my band. Sometimes I talk about my friends, but never as much as I talk about my band.

I am probably one of the friendliest guys you will meet. Unless you are a hater. I can smell you from a mile away. We might be the best of friends or the worst of enemies, though. My beliefs are different than yours in a lot of ways, but similar in a lot of ways too:

I believe everything HAS to exist. Without bad music, how could we EVER figure out what was good?? And what is really good or bad anyways? Like all art, what is good or bad is based on opinion. What some love, others won't. So what exactly makes YOUR opinion so right, Mister "Just released my 3rd record"? How many degrees in music do YOU have? How many degrees in English? I don't base intelligence on education of the subject matter, but please don't act like you're a person who wrote a doctoral thesis on the subject of Taste.

You know what?? There is a good chance that someone...maybe ME...thinks that YOUR band sucks. You o.k.? Need a tissue? Suck it up, baby.

The thing is, I won't bother mentioning your name, your band's name or any other bands that I don't particularly choose to listen to. You don't deserve that kind of press. By the way, I give everything a chance. And that chance IS NOT THE CHANCE TO FAIL. I think too many guys in bands approach listening to a new band with the thought that it is immediately going to suck. That is why musicians are so jaded in regards to other music styles. You're just bummed because you couldn't do it.


Ha. yep. You're right, buddy. It does suck. To you. So please: don't buy it, listen to it or support it. But you STILL bother talking shit on it!? Chances are your fans hate that band, too, so you are preaching to the converted. What about the band that you don't like? I bet their fans don't like your band. They wouldn't read, listen to or give a shit about one word of what you're saying even if they HAD heard of your band. If there was maybe a small chance they'd listen to your music, you just shot yourself right in the dick all because you couldn't shut your stupid fucking mouth.

Good job, jerk off.

The bottom line is some people will listen, some will not. You have your right to bitch. So do I. I'm doing it right now. But, being hurtful is so high school that I can't even stand it. Grow up. Support your friends. Treat your fans right. If you want to isolate yourself, go right ahead. But seriously....STOP trying to show everyone how smart you are by talking down on people.

You look like an idiot.